Heidi Davis

Heidi Davis

About Me

For 16+ years I've had the privilege of helping sellers & buyers navigate the Los Angeles real estate market. A native Angelino, I specialize in areas from East to West, North to South, covering varying price points & properties of all shapes & sizes. This enables me to bring insight to my clients and enlighten them on the diverse nuances of each community.

My role in people's lives takes on many forms, from therapist to marriage counselor, from legal scholar to financial advisor, being a real estate professional allows me to carry out the many qualities that go hand in hand with the real estate experience.

I grew up in Studio City, my parents are still in the same house! I produced television commercials for 15 years, yielding me a lifetime of experience and an abundance of great friendships. My life was full of production, but I always had an inner passion to pursue my real estate career. For those who always ask me "How do I make a change," the answer is simple. Passion.

If you don't have a drive to do something you simply won't do it. I was able to transition from one wonderful career to my real estate business simply because I love what I do. It sounds cliché, but it's true.

Every client has a story.

Listening to their stories, I understand how to be of service and ultimately I have the honor of being an integral part of getting my clients where they need to be. Compassion and simplicity in a big city, just like me!


For me, family is my world. My BIG WHY.

My kids surround me with love, positivity, energy, and support. In turn, they allow me to give my business the same attributes.

Paige is 23, magnetic & beautiful. She is mature & a deep thinker. A book reader & writer. She is full of eagerness to discover her future. Cole is 19, open & warm. He has a quiet kindness that those who meet him are touched by. He is slow & steady as he contemplates the road ahead.

Then there is Penny, our beloved dog who we all adore! She is loving, goofy, needy and simply the best companion. She fills our hearts in a way that is indescribable.

Family is the most important aspect of my life, which is why I value your family like I value my own.


Work With Heidi

Change is constant in life, but it doesn't need to be met with uncertainty and anxiousness. My ability to listen to your needs, and guide you on how to achieve your goals , will provide you with a calm and trusted experience.